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1: Please get quotation. 2: Quotation approved 3: Issue purchase order 4: Singing the sale contract
5: Shipped

30 to 40 Business days

25% in Advance and 75% against the shipping documents

Yes, The EDC and Bank charges apply deponed on final the destination.

Yes, 100% in advance payments required.

We shipped all the original documents right a way via DHL or FedEx express after the ship discharge from port of sailing (terms and conditions apply).

We work four Incoterms® 2020 rules for Sea and Inland Waterway Transport: 
     FAS - Free Alongside Ship (insert name of port of loading) 
     FOB - Free on Board (insert named port of loading) 
     CFR - Cost and Freight (insert named port of destination) 
     CIF - Cost Insurance and Freight (insert named port of destination)

Yes, we work all free Canadian free trade agreements (please check your country if have free trade
agreements with Canada)

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