Agriculture Products

Canadian Pulses

Canada's pulse industry meets the needs of over 150 markets around the world

Canadian Apples

Canada has a long and proud history of growing apples. First founded in the 17th century
cows, cattles, animals

Canadian Beef

Canada is a place where the air, water, and land are all perfect for raising cattle.

Canadian Berries

The late summer and early autumn are harvest time for Canada's blueberry crop.

Canadian Canola and Conola Oil

Canola oil produced in Canada is obtained from the seeds of Brassica napus . These cultivars, low in erucic acid

Canadian Flax Seeds

Flax belongs to the genus Linum, one of 10 genera in the family Linaceae. The genus contains more than 100 annual

Canadian Soybeans

Soybeans are primarily grown in Ontario, Quebec with some production in Atlantic Canada and Saskatchewan.

Canadian Sunflowers Seeds

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is an annual broadleaf plant that can be successfully grown in most regions of Canada.

Food & Beverage Products

100% Pure Maple Syrup

Made with real Cranberry juice

Natural Spring Water

Helps body absorb nutrients

Certified Organic Syrup

Preservative Free

Organic Syrup (Drum)

Evaporated cane juice

Energy Bar

Low in Saturated Fat

Pure Maple Syrup

Excellent source of Zinc

Blueberry Syrup

Made with real Blueberry juice

Pure Maple Syrup

Excellent source of Manganese

Pomegranate Syrup

Made with real Pomegranate juice

Flavored Sugar Free Syrup

0 calories
per serving

Non Alcoholic Juice

100% natural without sugar added.


Aloe Vera drink with natural Aloe Vera Gel

Supplements Products

Multivitamin For Women ( 60 Mg Vitamin C ) Halal Gelatin Free Tablets

Multivitamin For Men ( 60 Mg Vitamin C ) Halal Gelatin Free Tablets

Fe Capsule Iron ( 50 Mg Ocimum Tenuiflorum ) Halal Gelatin Free Capsules

Stress Relief ( 300 Mg Herb Top Flowering ) Halal Gelatin Free Capsules

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