Organic Syrup (Drum)

About Organic Syrup Drum 55Gal US (218L)

Product specifications

Old Fashioned

Maple Crest Certified

organic syrup

Drum 55Gal US (218L) 


Organic rice syrup, organic

evaporated cane juice,

water,organic maple syrup,

natural flavor, caramelized

sugar syrup.

Product benefits

Preservative free,

Made with 5% pure maple

syrup, Antioxydant

Item Description

Label: Old Fashioned Maple Crest Certified organic syrup

Shelf life unopened: 2 years at room temperature

Shelf life once opened: 1 year / keep refrigerated

Kosher: Montreal or Overseers kosher

Organic: Ecocert Canada

Packaging Description

Metal drum: Steel drum with food grade lining

Drum dimensions: 23 in diameter x 35 inches high /

58 x 89 cm

Closure: Cap included on drum

Label: On top surface

Coding: As per client specifications

Drum net weight: 610 lb / 277 kg

Drum colour: White

Pallet Description

Type: Pallets 48 x 48 inches

Drums per pallet: 4

Tier x High: 12 x 2

Dimensions (L x W x H): 48 x 48 x 41 inches /

122 x 122 x 104 cm

Pallet gross weight: 2,730 lb / 1,238 kg

Protection: Pallet is completely surrounded by shrink wrap

Pallet stack: Single stack at warehouse

Pallets / drums per full truck load: 17 pallets / 68 drums